Just Downloaded Spyware? Learn How to Remove it for Free!

If you just downloaded spyware do not panic, you are one of the masses and should count yourself fortunate if this is only the first time that you have done it. Because spyware is so prevalent, and often very malicious, Microsoft itself responded to the need for a quick spyware removal method. Learn how to remove that spyware that you just downloaded here.

The first thing that you want to do is to close down all of your programs and go the Start Menu. Head through Programs and then Accessories, locate System Tools and inside of it click on System Restore. Your computer should automatically have created restore points every so often, additional system restore points were also created when Windows Updates installed critical updates on your computer, just in case something went wrong. You will see that you have the option to create a restore point or restore your computer, choose restore which should be the default choice. This will bring up a calendar of all restore points in the past, simply choose the most reason one by clicking on the date on the calendar and proceed. It will take a few minutes and it should be noted that other new applications that you may have installed in the process will be erased as well. In essence you are moving your computer back a few days, nothing that has occurred since will be there. This is why it is important that you backup any sensitive data before finishing the system restore. Install the application: hacking whatsapp account

That is all that there is to it, your system is restored to a time before you have any spyware on your computer and thus the spyware that you downloaded has been easily removed!

One thing to keep in mind is that you never had to be in this situation, there are tons of anti spyware programs, available all over the Internet, which are quite powerful, and you should consider installing some of this software. Click the up coming webpage: hacking whatsapp account

If you had to roll your system back a long ways, multiple days or even months, you should consider going back to the system restore tool and this time choose the option for creating a restore point. You can have your computer automatically create a restore point every day or two, with the use of minimal resources, and this way next time you will not be rolled back nearly as far so you will not lose as much data.


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